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Producers in Chianti Classico:
tradition and innovation


The Badii family decided to acquire a captivating estate in San Casciano in the Val di Pesa, near Florence, previously owned by the esteemed Corsini family. The estate encompassed 5 hectares of vineyards,1200 olive trees, and a winemaking cellar, forming a triptych that revealed the true vocation of that ‘Colle’ (hill): the art of winemaking. Over the next 40 years, the Badii family meticulously supervised every phase of the Chianti Classico DOCG production process, exclusively selling bulk wine without bottling it. They dedicated themselves to tending the fields and managing the
wine-making process in the cellar with love and dedication.


The business management transitioned to the new generation and into the capable hands of Silvia Badii. Her determined and foresight feminine approach played a pivotal role in reshaping the company’s identity. Driven by the aspiration to give to her “Colle” its own voice, she started bottling herself. It was an ambitious winemaking project in a region renowned for its exceptional and iconic wines. Silvia’s intuition materialized with the first bottling of Il Colle Annata DOCG 2019 and Il Colle Gran Selezione 2019. Following the 2020 harvest, the existing vineyards were uprooted and replaced with new plants. Only 0.6 hectares of Sangiovese, initially planted in 2006, were preserve—a single vineyard exclusively used in crafting the Gran Selezione wine.